wood ceilings & wall system

Woodgrille Panels are available in 3 styles with a multitude of different rail dimensions and spacings in lengths up to 12-feet. The grilles can be stained to match your control sample. A selection of perimeter trim options are available as well. If you are looking to enhance the acoustics, recycled cotton acoustical backer is available. This system can be mechnanically attached to walls or ceilings. All 3 styles of Woodgrille panels can be used in any standard heavy duty 15/16″ grid with the provided attachment clips.

Standard Species: Red Oak, Cherry, Maple or Ash
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Most Other Species Available Upon Request

Product Features

  • Solid Wood Construction or Veneered Rails
  • Three Styles to Choose From – 20 Standard Profiles – Custom Profiles Available
  • Easy to Install – Pre-Assembled Lay-in or Clip-Up Panels
  • Radius Applications – Flexible Rail Supports Available for Barrel Vaults
  • Acoustical Control is Accomplished by Installing Echo Eliminator™ or Quiet Liner™
  • 100% Accessibility
  • Defines Spaces with Warm, Natural Solid Wood
  • Vertical Trim Available for Cloud Applications
  • FSC® Certified Materials are Available
  • Factory Finishes – Paint, Stain, Lacquer, or Fire Retardant



  • Solid Wood Backer
  • Attaches To Bottom of Standard 15/16″ Heavy Duty T-bar Suspension System
  • Rail Support at End of Panels Provides Positive Rail Alignment
  • 100% Downward Accessibility
  • Can Be Installed To Walls or Ceilings
  • Available With Acoustic Backer


  • 2′ × 2′ Modular Panels
  • Lay Into Standard T-Bar Suspension System
    • 9/16″ or 15/16″ Heavy Duty Grid Suspension Systems
  • 100% Upward Accessibility


  • Wood Dowel Rail Supports
  • Attach To Bottom of Standard 15/16″ Heavy Duty T-Bar Suspension System
  • Panels Interlock To Create Uniform Appearance
  • Accessibility Provided at Designated Areas
  • Available With Flexible Dowels for Radius Applications
  • Available With Acoustic Backer