• Woodgrille I – Solid Wood Backer
  • Solid Wood Backer
  • Attaches to Bottom of Heavy Duty 15/16&Prime T-Bar Suspension System
  • Rail Support at End of Panels Provides Positive Rail Alignment
  • 100% Accessibility

  • Woodgrille III – Dowel Rail Support
  • Wood Dowel Supports
  • Attaches to Bottom of Heavy Duty 15/16″ T-Bar Suspension System
  • Panels Interlock to Create Uniform Appearance
  • Accessibility Provided at Designated Areas
  • Alumiline
  • Extruded Aluminum Construction
  • Installs to Heavy Duty 15/16″ Grid with Simple Clip Attachment
  • Fast & Easy Installation
    • No Special Tools Required for Installation Clips
  • Washable, Scrubbable, Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • Available for Exterior Applications
  • Scored, Radius or Barrel Vault Available Using Radius Grid
  • Sound Absorption Properties When used with Acoustical Backer
  • Linwood I – Tongue & Groove
  • Tongue & Groove Construction
  • Panels Can be Installed To New or Existing T-Bar Suspension System
  • Direct Installation Is Possible w/o The Use of Furring Strips
  • Concealed Clips Provide a Unified Appearance and Allow For Expansion & Contraction of The Solid Wood Panels